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You lost motivation and you struggle getting results?
Because everyone is UNIQUE, all my private training in zurich are designed specifically for you!
Workout at home or outside, you are at the right place to build endurance, stability, power and confidence.

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How Can I Help?

Losing weight

By alternating – Cardio, Muscle Building – Smart Diet, lose up to 2kg of fat per month.

Build Muscles

Thanks to your body weight and loads, sculpt your muscles that you always dreamed of.

Interval Running

Interval training is the key to improve your speed and endurance. Learn how to run and beat all your Personal Best!

Improve Posture

Strengthening your back will allow you to stand straighter and reduce pain.

Reduce Stress

Exercise increases your overall health and your sense of well-being. It pumps up your endorphins.

Nutritional advices

Thanks to my biology studies and my 10 years of experiences we will set up an intelligent food routine.


Offering Private Training in Zurich



Alexis Bernier is back in Zurich after 10 years of international private training.

Born in France, Alexis obtained his bachelor’s degree in sport & science in 2013 then quickly joined the upscale Geneva fitness club “L’Usine Opéra”.

Three years later, Alexis left Geneva to embark on a new and challenging entrepreneurial experience in Australia.

Alexis Bernier is the private trainer in Zurich that will help you get the bodies you have always dreamed of.


“I have known Alexis Bernier for 8 years in Geneva and now more recently doing private training in Zurich. Alexis was my private trainer in Geneva for several years before he left for Melbourne to start up a new EMS business in Australia.

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Alexis is technically first class in terms of his knowledge of anatomy and muscle reaction, which plays to his strength as a personal trainer, especially in this world of superficial and mediocre trainers.
On top of this Alexis always presents himself professionally and very humbly for the talent that he has. This feature is also a strong positive quality in my mind, as there is never any unnecessary ego getting in the way. I have also admired his tenacity and will power in the entrepreneurial adventure he embarked upon in 2017 in Melbourne , Australia. Here he researched an important “gap” in the EMS market in Australia (EMS studios located in Perth and Sydney but not in Melbourne) and proceeded to open three studios in a short period of time. These studios were very successful and Alexis was on his way to break even financially on this investment at the end of 3 years, until the Covid pandemic hit in March 2020. He subsequently had to sell his business to a local Australian entrepreneur and has since come back to Europe (Switzerland) to embark on new projects. In summary, Alexis is experienced, technically
and physically prepared , discreet and humble in his approach while being aggressively entrepreneurial. His approach and execution is always “first class.”

“I have been taking bi-weekly HIIT-based private training in Zurich with Alexis for a little bit more than a year now and he is by far the best trainer I have worked with.

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He is definitely standing out thanks to his ability to propose constantly innovative and personalised programs, allowing to stay focused and motivated on the long run.
I sincerely hope to be able to continue working with him for as long as possible, he is surely one of the most knowledgeable, understanding and adaptive coaches out there and I would recommend him to anyone looking for premium tailored coaching services.”

“Alexis taught me how to train smart to achieve my goals and avoid injuries. None of the private training in Zurich I had with him were the same, he knows how to push your limits with creativity.

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I highly recommend Alexis as your next coach.”

“I met Alexis in 2017 and he introduced me to the world of EMS and to the say the least it changed my life! I was someone who was never used to be motivated and kind of honestly, hated private trainings out but when I discovered his business and trainings, I was hooked!

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I was working long hours, on my feet, 5 to 6 days a week but I committed to EMS like never before! What a great coach and I gain so much knowledge (in addition to so many new muscles!)
And I can say frankly that today I am on this fitness journey for life, something that I discovered I really loved, training is now incorporated in my routine and I have gained so much confidence, all thanks to this man!

Sending love from Melbourne xxxx”

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